Thank an Attorney

Thank an Attorney

Gayle A. Reeves - Thursday, November 23, 2017

Attorneys get a bad rap.  Even though the legal profession is one of the oldest professions in history, lawyers have been the subject of jokes and have been seen by the public as a necessary evil.  However, in a season of thankfulness, be thankful for attorneys.

Be thankful for attorneys who are often a life line for people with difficult legal issues.  People turn to attorneys when they have problems they can’t solve.  To some they might seem frivolous, but to the person with the problem, insurmountable.  Be thankful for the attorney who can provide people with representation which encourages resolution, not conflict.  

Be thankful for attorneys who have the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation necessary for the legal processes you might need to insure your needs are met.  Be thankful for attorneys who ensure the legal system in our country works smoothly. 

Be thankful for attorneys who allow your mind to rest easy… that your intentions will be honored.  Attorneys who create documents where your wishes are met when you are unable to make those decisions and are honored after your lifetime. 

Be thankful for the good deeds of attorneys.  Attorneys who not only prepare deeds, but deeds that enable property to be transferred smoothly and without future complications. 


Most attorneys enter the profession to interpret the complicated language of issues in our legal system.  Most attorneys enter the profession to help people maneuver through the courts with guidance and confidence.  Most attorneys enter the profession with excellent intentions.

Because of my Elder Law practice, my intention is to assist senior citizens and their families.  I recognize that these individuals face many challenges each and every day.  My goal is to help relieve the stress and allow families to return to their loving relationships instead of the battleground that develops between parent and child. 

I am thankful for clients who come to me and allow me to help them with difficult issues.  I am thankful for clients who come to me prepared.  I am thankful when clients can give me the information I need to provide them the best advice I can give.  I am thankful for clients who refer others to my office – there is no higher honor.  

As we enter 2018, I will once again strive to provide the highest level of excellence both in solving my clients’ problems and in providing legal services that meet their needs.  My goal will be to relieve some of the burden and stress in their lives, which will allow them to return to a happier state of mind.